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Mangonadas - 3.99

Earlgrey MT & Cream Cheese - 2.99

Light Bulb Tapioca Milk Tea - 3.49


“Sometimes crowded with slow service but very good overall!”


“Nice little Tapioca place. lots  of options, and tasty taro smoothie!”

John D;Angelo

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Established in March of 2002, Tapioca House has been serving genuine Taiwanese tapioca drinks and snacks to our customers. Located in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, we bring a bit of Taiwanese culture throughout the state of Texas. 
We offer many variety of teas, coffee,frappe, smoothies, slushies and traditional snacks using top-of-the-line ingredients to provide the best and finest products to our customers. With recipes and ingredients originating from Taiwan, we bring a unique and genuine experience of Taiwanese drinks and snacks.